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2017 Ball League

Featuring Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Products

  Entry Level Mid Performance High Performance  

Bonwood Bowling Lanes Summer Fun BBS League

Start Dates End Date
Wednesday May 3 2017 Wednesday August 16 2017
Thursday May 4 2017 Thursday August 17 2017

Format is 16 weeks of bowling, Last week is a fun night

There will be food on fun night along with 9 pin no-tap

Teams will be made up of 4 People any mix of Youth or Adult

Handicap will be 100% of 210

Practice will start at 6:50pm with bowling to start at 7:00pm


Pricing will be as listed

No Ball, Bag or Shoes $10.00 a week

Entry Level Ball or Listed 2 Ball Rolling Bag or Listed Shoes $13.00 a week

Mid-Level Ball or Listed 3 Ball Rolling Bag or Listed Shoes $16.00 a week

High Level Ball or Listed 4 ball Rolling Bag or Listed Shoes $19.00 a week



This price includes ball drilling for all league members.
This does not include thumb slug and finger inserts.